Clarkstown History | Clarkstown’s 225th Anniversary Art Exhibit and Essay Contest
The 225th Anniversary Committee welcomes residents to celebrate the history and heritage of the Town of Clarkstown. Supervisor, George Hoehmann and the Town Board created this committee to facilitate the recognition of the anniversary and host a year of celebratory events.
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01 Sep Clarkstown’s 225th Anniversary Art Exhibit and Essay Contest

Dear Principal,

This year, the Town of Clarkstown will be celebrating our 225th anniversary. The month of October has been designated as Clarkstown History Month. A committee has been created to facilitate celebratory events and construct a historical timeline of events, photographs and artifacts for a permanent exhibit in the lobby of Town Hall as well as for a new Clarkstown history website. We are looking to include students of Clarkstown to contribute to this celebration.

We have comprised both an essay contest and an art exhibit for any students interested in submitting their work. We are also asking any faculty if they would be willing to incorporate our ideas into a class project.

The art exhibit is for students in grades 1-8. Students can choose one of two options for their submission.  Students can use the style of art called “Pleinair,” drawing or painting of what one sees in front of them outside in nature. This idea has been used by the painters of the Hudson River School of Art and impressionism painters.  The other option is for students to draw or paint a historical site located in the Town.  We have provided a list of historical sites that could be used.  All art work submitted will be displayed at Town Hall and then the New City Library.

The essay contest is for students in grades 4-8 and the topic is, “A Day in the Life of a Child in 1791 in Clarkstown”.  The essay should depict what a child’s life might have been like during 1791 in Clarkstown. There will be a winner for grades 4-5 and another for grades 6-8.  Winners will be invited to be “Supervisor for the Day” and receive either town pool or mini-golf passes for his/her immediate family for one day of his/her choice during the 2017 season.

Participants for both the essay contest and art exhibit will be recognized on the opening night of our history exhibit at Town Hall on October 5, 2016.

I have enclosed a flyer with all the details.  We hope you will encourage student and faculty participation.  Please feel free to contact myself or Beth McDonald at 845-639-2035 with any questions.


Registration Form For Grades 1-8

Registration Form For Grades 4-8